Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Art Challenge for Mural Project (due 5/29)

I'm very excited to share with you that Bren Bataclan will be visiting Wealthy Elementary in Fall 2010! He will be completing a 15'x5' mural project in our school with the help of students.

Bren Bataclan is a Boston-based artist and founder of the Smile Project. He travels around the world giving away his paintings by leaving them on the street for anyone to pick up. Attached to the painting is a note that requests that the lucky recipient to do something kind for a stranger to make them smile.

To learn more about Bren, please visit his website. Please feel free to ask Miss Forrest for more information.

We have a challenge for students:

Look around the school for a place for our mural. Your suggestions can be handed in to Miss Forrest on paper or you can email them to her.

Please sumbit your suggestions by Friday, May 29.

Remember the mural is 15 feet wide and 5 feet tall.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Chocolate Art Coming soon!

5th graders will be making their own chocolate art using modeling clay, a food safe mold, and of course chocolate. Thank you for making with possible with your financial contribution. The supply order has been placed and we are eagerly awaiting its arrival. After spring break we will be busy working on projects for the Aztec Market. We will be working on chocolate art two days, April 26 and May 3. Please contact Miss Forrest if you are interested in helping or just visiting to learn about this fun project.

Painted Gardens

Watercolor Landscapes with Printed Lines

Clay Pencil Holders

We created pencil holders from slabs of clay. We created textured in the clay by rolling it on a texture slab mold. These pencil holders look very artsy with their organic shapes. Some lean and have cracks, and we think that gives them character. We'll paint them with liquid watercolors after they are fired in the kiln.

Relief Prints using Presto Foam with Oil Pastel Border

The idea for this project came from this blog entry.

Famous Portraits...in progress


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